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Two years BeWeaving. Unboxing February 2024

February 2024 was a big milestone for the BeWeave yarn and fibre subscription box and for Vada Blue. I knew what I had wanted to achieve when I begun thinking about BeWeave 3 years ago, and although I knew deep down it was an incredibly fun way to be inspired, to try new things and curate an awesome yarn collection for my fellow weavers, there was always that self doubt that creeps in whennever you start a new venture. BeWeave took months of planning and when I was finally ready to launch in 2022, I wasn't sure what to expect. I am today so grateful to each one of my subscribers from those who have stayed for 2 years and beyond, to those who only hang around for a few short months and for those who have been coming and going as thier needs suit. You have all made BeWeave the fantastic subscription experience for fibre artists that it is today.

With all that out the way, I am thrilled to say that the February box was a celebration for the 2nd Anniversary of BeWeave. It meant we had curated and sent out 2 years of boxes and therefore had held many incredible yarns in our hands.

To celebrate, our 25th box was a combination of some of my favourite and must have things for weaving and fibre arts in one of my top colour combinations. Take a look below at what arrived in Februarys box.

Februarys BeWeave yarn and fibre subscription box
Two Years of BeWeave

Bobbiny 1.5mm string – I believe you can achieve so much with a simple weave and a coloured warp string. The Bobbiny 1.5mm string is perfect for this as it is not too thin and easily stands out under your weft. The spicy yellow colour is an amazing twist on traditional mustards which are still so popular today. This string is also used for macramé and is ideal for jewellery or intricate pieces.

Ommul Yarn – These exquisite beaded acrylic yarns have to be my most popular yarn in the shop and one of my favourites too. The divine colourways and beaded embellishments which have been attached by hand, make them extra special. This colourway is Mermaid

Extra Fine Merino – Whether it is for weaving, felting or spinning, soft combed wool tops are a staple for all fibre artists. I don’t think I have made a weave yet without using wool. Our 2 combed tops are 19 micron, extra fine merinos in teal and primrose.

Bobbiny 5mm Premium cord – I believe I will forever be including Bobbiny cord in all my weaves. It really is the perfect material, soft and easily shaped, making it ideal for knotting techniques and has the lovely, famous textured pattern. Your box includes Bobbiny in teal.

Bamboo string 5mm –My favourite string for macramé is also a must have for weaving. This premium bamboo string has a luxurious feel with its silk like look and texture. Single twist string when woven also has a tendency to twist on itself in certain directions and while some may say this is a flaw, it is one of the reasons I love it and embrace it. Those twisted little mounds are perfect for creating interesting 3D features. The bamboo string in your box this month is Oil Blue.

Dragonfly Charm –. There are many beautiful reasons why Dragonflies are special, many believe they represent insight, transformation and creative imagination. They are thought to be good luck and are a reminder to live life to the fullest. These little charms were the perfect addition for this months anniversary box.

Inspiration project

This box was a curation of many of my favourite ribbons and yarns and my love for teal blue with bold contrasting colours so I was super excited to play around with the stunning mix of colours.

The inspriation project was also a take on my favourtie way to weave, which is in the round. For this piece I used one of our large bamboo weaving hoops. These hoops are fabulous for weaving beacuse they have little notchs on the edge to help hold your warp in place (you can read more about these here) I used the spicy yellow string for warp. Using coloured warp is a simple way to add a contrasting colour to your work. I used a variety of techniques within this piece and ALL of the yarns, plus a few extras that I pulled from past boxes too.

Are you looking to build your fibre collection and knowledge? Let me help you with our monthy BeWeave yarn and fibre boxes. New spaces opening up in May. Join today or jump on the waitlist for all the details you need.

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