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Colour me in sunshine... A vibrant January BeWeave Box

It was a new year and new beginnings. I wanted our January BeWeave yarn and fibre subscription box to bring in 2024 with some serious sunshine and happiness. I think we managed that with our collection of summery yellows and pops of colour that would easily brighton anyones day.

Yellow is not a colour I often see used across fibre arts, nor one that I have often picked up myself. This meant it was a perfect opportunity to explore the colour and give myself and our BeWeavers a challange. This is important as a maker because too often we can become stuck in rut of ideas, colours and yarns. BeWeave was created to step out of this comfort zone we often find ourselves in and give the subscriber something new to look into, new ideas and inspiration. This is achieved by delving into a box of yarns they may otherwise never have bought, and one of the reasons our BeWeavers love our yarn subscription.

From bold and almost fluro yellows, to soft and dusty shades there was a lot to play with in the January box, including some brand new things to Vada Blue.

Lets take a look.

Bamboo yarn – Made from 100% bamboo, this soft and silky yarn has been hand spun into a fun, thick and thin yarn for weaving, knitting and crochet. This colour is canary and the bright yellow really highlights the pretty halo we are accustomed too from bamboo fibre

Crinkle Chiffon Ribbon –. This lemon ribbon has been hand torn from a larger piece of hand dyed chiffon fabric. The crinkles give it a beautiful texture and provides a feminine and pretty feel.

Dobby Cotton Ribbon – This ribbon has been hand woven on a large floor loom by artisans in India. It starts as a large piece of fabric which is trimmed into strips. These strips are hand sewn together to create one beautifu;, continuous length of ribbon. The Dobby collection is a sister collection to our much loved Aari ribbon but has been woven with a gorgeous pattern for extra interest.

Extra Fine Merino – Happiness for fibre artists is a super soft, squishy bundle of wool. This 19 micron, non mulesed merino combed top in Sun will certainly add some joy to your next piece.

Mini Skein – These beautiful Summer Time Boulevard mini skeins have been hand painted especially for the box by Finch Yarns. Finch yarns are a small indie dyer in Adelaide. I love the colour combination of yellow, pink and orange. Some inspiration for a fun summer piece.

Mixed braided Sari - The sister yarn to last months fully braided option, this recycled sari silk ribbon in Chartreuse includes pops of colourful braided sections amongst your standard sari silk ribbon. This is a super fun and artistic ribbon that has been hand created in India.

Painted wooden beads –. These cuties were a late addition as a substitute for something that unfortunately was still travelling around Australia and couldn't seem to find its way to us in time to go out in the box. This had never happened before as items are ordered well in advance and what should have arrived over Christmas had made multiple trips to Adelaide airport but always went back to where they came from. This went on for weeks so I had to make the decision to source something else. Meanwhile a bright cute bead never goes astray and I came across these sweet beads which matched perfectly to the mini skeins. It was obviously meant to be.

Inspiration project

I adore the inspiration project for January. It was such a simple project but it looks so pretty and was a woderful way to showcase that gorgeous Dobby cotton ribbon. I used a metal rainbow frame plus our small yarn flower bloom looms with the hand painted mini skein and bamboo yarn to create the flowers.

What do you think of our yellow box?

What do you think of yellow in general? I would love to know. If you missed out on this box and want to explore this beautiful colour, check out our Fibre Cloud option.

A bundle of yellow ribbons
Yellow Fibre Cloud bundle

The BeWeave Yarn and Fibre subscription box is ideal for yarn lovers, especially tapestry weavers and macra weavers. Currently closed for new subscribers until May 2024, you can join waitlist while you wait and be the first to know of the new launch with early bird specials.

Join here to get on the waitlist.

Some of this month box have now joined the Vada Blue collection. You can shop them here.

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