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The Premium 100% pure Bamboo Macramé string range is here. No longer is a limited addition, this Macrame string so beautiful it just has to stay.


With 7 new delicious colours that will entice and inspire your creativity, the bamboo range is truly the most luxurious on the market with a satin look and feel that is unmatched by anything else in the market. Softer than your cotton strings and with a stunning soft halo shine, not only does it ensure that your work stands out from the rest, it is gentle and so easy to create with, especially when it comes to combing out those luscious fringes and tassels.


So why choose bamboo? If you are looking for a sustainable, ecofriendly product for your pieces, then bamboo is the way to go. A remarkable natural resource that is much greener then cotton, bamboo requires no chemicals, much less water to grow and easily replenishes itself from its own root system, leaving a lighter footprint on growth and harvesting. Bamboo also removes carbon dioxide from the air and releases more oxygen into the environment, it also is 100% biodegradable. It really doesn't get any better than this.


Ideal for your Macrame, Macraweave, Weaving and any other fibre creation you want to play around with, the bamboo string is available in 3mm and 5mm in 1kg spools.


This stunning product is manufactured in Europe like the original luxe and Egyptian range it is manufactured onto recycled spools. Each spool is measured by weight not length and as each dye run may present slight variations please ensure you order enough to complete your project.



5mm rolls - approx 160 meters


3mm rolls - approx 300 meters

Bamboo Premium Macrame String

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