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Explore new ways to weave within a gorgeous bamboo hoop and create the circular weaves of your dreams. 


Bringing good looks and convenience these hoops come with little indents for your warp strings to sit snugly in. Meaning you can avoid slipped warps and wrapping your hoop. Plus you get to enjoy the beauty of a natural bamboo frame. 


Picture this, the soft golden colour of bamboo surrounding your colourful, textured masterpiece. It’s a match made in heaven and will ensure your circular pieces stand out from the rest.


Available in 3 sizes or a 3 pack to sample them all.


Small - 19cm diameter

Medium - 29 cm diameter

Large - 45cm diameter


Want more shapes. 


Shop Heart shaped looms here


Shop Diamond shaped looms here

Bamboo Hoops | Circular Weaving Frame

PriceFrom $12.50
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