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I am a mum of three and wife to a wonderful, supportive husband who puts up with a fibre filled house and early morning set up runs for workshops and local markets with a smile on his face. 

With a background in Real Estate and Youth Work, I had never considered myself to be the creative type. Many who know me would have agreed, however, there was something about the colourful world of yarns and the way a few knots could create something so beautiful, that drew me in and I never looked back. Although time is not always on my side, there is still nothing I enjoy more than sitting behind my loom, spinning wheel or macrame stand and creating for no other reason than because I can. 


Vada Blue was initially created as a platform to sell my first macramé pieces outside of local markets. As the business grew, so did my interests and I began to expand my skills and techniques across other art forms, starting with teaching myself to weave and learning how to spin my own art yarn. I am a proud creative dabbler with a long list of new techniques and skills to learn and share.  


My workshops came amongst all of this and have been an integral part of the Vada Blue journey where I have met and made some wonderful new friends along the way. These workshops are what prompted the first wave of DIY supplies, with our range of macrame cotton string and rope.


While exploring my new found loves, I realised that there was a lack of variety in Australia for more unique and unusual yarns and fibres that provide the colours and textures that I craved. I found myself on the hunt for some new and exciting yarns and every time I found something I loved, I added it to the shop so I could share it with others. This is how Vada Blue fibre art supplies became what it is today and I love that I get to find and introduce new yarns and fibres to the creative community through the shop and our BeWeave Yarn and Fibre and One Bag Full subscriptions.

My aim is to provide other creatives with a range of suitable tools to complete their projects with gorgeous textures and colours. I want to help makers explore new techniques and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone with the type of material and fibre they are playing with. I have spent time ensuring I find the best of the best from quality, sustainable and fair trade suppliers, locally and from across the globe. Vada Blue specialises in bespoke hand-dyed textured ribbons and vegan friendly yarns.


Whether you are looking for something to knit, crochet, spin, felt, weave or macrame with, you will be able to find it here at Vada Blue. 


Now that we are living on a farm, our next chapter is slowly taking form. My two alpacas and a few sheep are paving the way for a paddock to shelf fibre story and I can’t wait to be able to share this with you in the years to come. 

I am always available to chat about custom orders, workshops and parties and open for a creative collaboration with other local artists. If you have an idea or a market you would love us to get involved in, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you. 

For now, you can join me on my creative journey and share yours with me over in the private Facebook group A Makers Space with Vada Blue or follow me on Instagram

​Happy Making

Sarah xoxo

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