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This exquisite ombre yarn is a one of a kind, with its striking beaded ribbon detail.


The wonderful range of colours within these yarns have been expertly picked and make these yarns an eye catching inclusion to your fibre stash. The Ommul yarn has been loosely hand spun and then plied with a single thread which gives it a soft wavy appearance when open. Each of the beaded ribbon embellishments has been attached by hand, this yarn really is a labour of love and its stunning look proves this.


· Quantity: 100 grams per strand

· Length: about 54 m per 100 gr

· Needle size: 7

· Hand crafted


A rare addition to Vada Blue, unlike our other yarns, ribbons and fibres the new Ommul yarns are an acrylic yarn. The perfectly paired colour combinations with a soft and shiny wool like texture, plus those sweet ribbons and pearl beads, made them just too pretty to pass up.


Acrylic yarn has some great positive aspects including hypo allergenic and durability benefits. This makes it an ideal yarn choice for felting, knitting and crochet across both homewares and wearable items. The Ommul yarn in particular has a uniqueness and is without a doubt beautiful, making it perfect for use across your tapestry weaving as well. Personally I have used this gorgeous yarn as a wrapped addition to my own hand spun art yarns as well.

Ommul Beaded Yarn

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