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From Poland with Love: Bobbiny's Inspiring Journey of Sustainability and Creativity

It was with great pleasure that earlier this year I was able to bring to you the incredible range of recycled cotton cords from the well known European brand that is Bobbiny. Not only is Bobbiny a step ahead of many with their sustainable practices and eco friendly cords, I love that their products are so versatile across weaving, macrame, knitting and crochet.

The incredible world of Bobbiny brings you an exceptional collection of sustainable cotton ropes, lovingly crafted by Aleksandra and Tomasz in their cosy factory in Warsaw, Poland.

With a passion for quality and creativity, Bobbiny brings you eco-friendly materials that are both beautiful and ethical. You can easily find the ideal cord for your next project whether it be a bag, pillow, home decor or clothing.

From their humble beginnings in 2014, Aleksandra and Tomasz embarked on a journey of innovation and resilience, shaping Bobbiny into a trusted and reliable brand. Their dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship shines through every product, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

All products from Bobbiny are made from recycled materials and use no dyes. These materials are both factory waste and products that have been considered waste from consumers such as used clothes and cotton textiles. These products are taken and shredded into smaller pieces. From this, the shredded fibres create a dust, this dust is what is used to create the colour. The fibres are mixed to create specific shades before being spun into threads which are then combined in the Bobbiny factory to create the cords. Their spools and labels are also made from recycled and biodegradable papers.

With their incredible production method, Bobbiny has been granted the Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100 in first class. What this means is that their products contain no harmful substances and are safe for use across your home, for toddlers, pets and for people with allergies.

But that's not all—Bobbiny goes above and beyond, offering a wealth of free patterns and short video tutorials to inspire and guide you on your creative journey. When purchasing a Bobbiny Braided cord through Vada Blue you will also receive a free downloadable crochet pattern for that size cord.

Bobbiny has created a large range of cords across three different compositions - their popular braided cord, 3 ply rope and single twist string. This year they have also released two new products; Cotton Candy, their take on a combed top, perfect for weaving and spinning plus their new Friendly yarn which brings you all you love about their braided cords but created in a yarn like structure.

Join the Bobbiny community today and be part of a sustainable movement that celebrates creativity, craftsmanship, and a love for our planet.

Once you have chosen your desired Bobbiny product from the Vada Blue range, you can Dive into Bobbiny's tutorials to uncover a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. Let your imagination soar with macramé masterpieces to stylish accessories for the home. The possibilities are endless.

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