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Junior Bobbiny cord is a wonderful thickness that is well suited to knitting and crochet. The 3mm thickness produces a lighter, more delicate and intricate look then its chunkier sisters.


The finer diameter makes Bobbiny Junior ideal for homewares and accessories including handbags, coasters, key rings and pillows. Create two varied looks by using 6mm knitting needles or crochet hooks for a regular pattern or go big with 8-10mm hooks for a looser look and feel.


With every purchase you will also recieve a bonus FREE downloadable pattern, sent direct to your email.


Junior Bobbiny 3mm braided cord is perfect for macrame and weaving projects too.


Bobbiny braided cord is quite literally famous for its softness and recycled nature. Made in Poland from recycled cotton threads and with Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100 in first class, Bobbiny cord is as safe as it can be, including for uses across baby, pet and home.


Bobbiny cord is a braided cord and therefore cannot be combed out. Its unique woven structure provides a beautiful texture with a pleasing visual pattern.


Width - 3mm

Length - 100m

Weight - 250g

Tools -6-10mm hooks or needles

Composition – Recycled braided cotton

Bobbiny Junior 3mm Braided Cord

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