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Friendly Yarn is a revolutionary product that combines the properties of cotton cord and yarn. It is thin and nicely soft making it a wonderful choice for knitting and crochet.


Like our other Bobbiny products, this yarn is eco friendly. The production process uses 100% recycled cotton. It also is OEKO-TEX certificated making it a safe product for your skin. Cotton yarn is also the perfect alternative for materials of animal origin.


Friendly yarn has a braided structure and is super soft, which allows you to work efficiently with it, making it a great choice for beginner knitters. Ideal for clothing and accessories, friendly yarn can be created in lightweight tops, dresses and scarfs to highlight just a few projects.  Friendly yarn, unlike many wool yarns will not pill easily or loose shape,


1 ball of Friendly yarn will be enough for a project (knitting or crocheting with a  4mm tool)  with an area of about 1600cm2 or a square 40cm x 40cm.


Examples of projects with Friendly Yarn:


  • A crochet top, you will need around 2 skeins
  • For a small amigurumi mascot, you will need less than 1 skein
  • For A crochet summer dress, you will need around 5-6 skeins


Cotton yarn is also the perfect alternative for materials of animal origin. It will also work with macrame or amigurumi technique.


How to wash?

- by hand
- in temp. max. 30 degree Celsius
- dry flat


Composition - 100% recycled cotton

Weight - 100g

Length - 200m / 218 yd

Tool size - 4mm

Tension swatch - 10 x 10cm, 30 rows, 21 stitches




Bobbiny Friendly Yarn

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