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There is simply no better way to describe this combed cotton top, than Cotton Candy.


It quite literrally feels like you are pulling cotton candy from the stick but without the stickyness.

Super soft, silky and fluffy like a cloud, the new Bobbiny Cotton Candy is ideal for weaving and creating those squishy soumak plaits. Use it just as you would a wool combed top or roving. Cotton Candy easily pulls apart and can be gently twisted for more structure and strength too. The perfect soloution for vegans and those with allergies to wool or animal fibres.


Bobbiny is very well known in the fibre art business for its soft and recycled strings and cords used across macrame, weaving, knitting and crochet. Made in Poland from recycled cotton threads and with Oeko-Tex Certificate Standard 100 in first class, Bobbiny cotton is as safe as it can be, including for uses across baby, pet and home.


Width - Bulky

Weight - 150g

Composition – Recycled cotton

Bobbiny Cotton Candy

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