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Bobbiny Cords: Explore the Variety and Versatility of our Recycled Cotton cord

Dive into the world of Bobbiny Cords and explore the endless possibilities they offer for your crafting projects with their range of cords, fibre and yarn.

Here you will find something to suit your crochet idea, your knitting pattern or your marcrame project.

Braided Cords - 3mm, 5mm, and 9mm

Bobbiny braided cords are well known for their composition, incredible structure and beautiful colours. Produced using the finest quality recycled cotton thread, they come in three sizes - 3mm junior, 5mm premium and 9mm jumbo.

While the junior and premium braided cords come with a cotton core, the Jumbo cords come with an additional polyester core to provide extra stability for XXL projects making it a wonderful choice for baskets, bags and foot stools.

Braided cords have a unique look and hold their shape well. Use across homewares such as baskets, pouffes and blankets, macrame wall hangings and plant holders or mix into your tapestry weaves for defined knots and chunky loops.

Blue and red woven wall hanging
Woven Art Featuring Jumbo 9mm Braided Cord

Our braided cotton cords come in bundles of 100m Something to note is that the braided structure means they cannot be brushed out to create lush fringes.

These cords are perfect for various techniques and create stunning results in different projects. They are particularly suitable for beginners, whether you're venturing into crochet or macramé.

Close up of Bobbiny braided cord
Beautiful pattern and texture with Bobbiny Braided cords

Single Twist String - 1.5mm

Bobbiny carefully twists the softest cotton fibres into a single ply silky cord. Otherwise known as single twist string, this string is ideal for macrame, weaving and making decorative additions such as pom poms and tassels as it is simple to comb out for lush fringes.

Bobbiny single twist string comes in 4 sizes however due to our already large range of single twist strings in cotton and bamboo, Vada Blue currently only stocks a small range of 1..5mm strings.

We love the 1.5mm string because it works wonders for small projects such as decorations, jewelry and keychains, plus it seconds as a fabulous chunky warp for tapestry weavers, allowing you to add another dimension to your pieces using a contrasting coloured warp.

3PLY Macrame Rope - 5mm

Triple twist rope, is a very popular cord for macrame makers. This type of cord is created by combining three separate single-twisted parts into a spiral. The unique structure offers strength and stability within knots, however, can still be unraveled for a crimped wavy fringe and brushed out for soft fringes.

Like all Bobbiny cords, they are highly adaptable and suitable not only for macramé but also for weaving, knitting, crochet, and other techniques.

Thanks to their structure, these cords are both firm and soft. They are less likely to unravel compared to single-ply macramé cord, making them a great choice for beginners. 5mm 3ply cord is a versatile and popular thickness for many projects.

Hot Tip: When working with a 3 or 4 ply rope, I always suggest taping the ends. Easily do this by measuring your length and taping before you cut. Cut down the middle of the tape leaving both ends nice and secure. This will stop the rope unravelling as you twist and knot. Remove when piece is completed and leave as is or unravel.

Cotton Candy: The Sweetest Combed Cotton Top

Something entirely different in the Bobbiny range is their new cotton candy which is their take on a plant based combed top or roving.

Made entirely of recycled cotton fibre it is super soft and its name perfectly describes the feeling you get when your fingers touch the soft cloud like structure.

This super soft, silky, and fluffy cotton top is like a cloud in your hands. Ideal for weaving and creating squishy soumak plaits, Cotton Candy can be used just like a wool combed top or roving. It's vegan-friendly and perfect for those with wool or animal fibre allergies.

Experience the sweet delight of Cotton Candy in your next project.

New Friendly Yarn - a braided yarn for the knitters

Bobbiny launched their newest addition earlier this year with the introduction of the innovative Friendly yarn. Taking the famous braided structure that you know and love within the braided cords and reducing it to a yarn like size approx. 1.5mm.

It is thin, soft and knits up beautifully, keeping a lovely round shape due to the braided structure. Ideal for knitting and crochet, Friendly yarn is suitable for tops, scarves, dresses, micro macrame and amigurumi technique.

Ready to unleash your creativity?

Browse our wide range of Bobbiny Cords and discover the perfect cords to bring your next project to life.

Whether it's macramé, crochet, knitting, or weaving, Vada Blue has got you covered as an Australian Bobbiny supplier, located in the Adelaide Hills.

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