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Cosy Colours in our July Yarn & Fibre BeWeave Box

As August rolls in and we open our subscription box lids to new subscribers, its time to explore last months theme and the beautiful range of yarns that were inside.

Our BeWeave Box theme for July was 'Winter Warmer' and was curated to capture some of the warm tones, items and feelings that I associate with winter. For me this included a winter red wine, dark moody blues and fluffy slippers.

The July subscription box included some beautiful staples plus some brand new yarns to play with. Like last years winter box, it also featured one of our magical beaded Ommul yarns.

Yarn subscription box
July BeWeave Box

Blue and red make purple. And how good are they individually too. Deep, moody tones were chosen to coincide with winter for our July BeWeave Box. Let’s take a look at this winter warmer box.

Beaded Ommul Yarn – This stunning yarn has to be first of the ranks. A soft acrylic yarn with a wool like look and feel, this yarn has been gently plied with thread to create a wavy effect. What makes our Ommul yarn extra special is the beaded ribbon detail that has been attached by hand throughout the skein, after it was been hand spun. Ideal for knitting, crochet and weaving, it is soft like wool and has a beautiful sheen. Approx. 54m per 100g skein, needle size 7

T Shirt Ribbon – Recycled t-shirt ribbon is the by-product of colourful t-shirt fabrics, collected and treated in the same manner as our other recycled ribbons. Torn or cut into strips and joined together to create one continuous yarn like structure. The t-shirt yarn is soft and a little stretchy and does have a tendency to curl on itself, however this creates a great tubular like effect and makes it fabulous for weaving, crochet and knitting. Approx. 50m per 100g, needle size 15-20

Bobbiny Jumbo Cord

Bobbiny 9mm Braided Cord – This jumbo cord is super fun. I am in awe of how soft it actually is considering its size. It works a dream, woven and crocheted and would be awesome for chunky macrame pieces too. Bobbiny braided cord is a special woven structure which means it does not fray. This is ideal for knitting those home wares. Bobbiny is also famous for its recycled and eco friendly products and practices. I have completely fallen for them all.

Recycled Sari Silk Yarn – Sari silk threads and fibre are collected and hand spun to create this ultra-colourful and textured art yarn. This beautiful ball was the perfect colourway for this box, full of red, blue and purple. Sari silk yarn has a soft fuzz and due to the hand spun nature is often thick and thin throughout. It can also have some over spun areas, all of which add to the appeal of such a unique and special sustainable yarn. Approx. 45m per 100g, yarn weight 5 - Bulky

6mm recycled cotton – Thick cotton string in a deep Shiraz red. I love to tabby weave, create tassels and bulk up my fringe with string. Having a great supply of cotton string for your weaving work is essential and I love to provide various colours and thickness in your boxes to build up that stash so it is always conveniently on hand.

3mm Australian cotton – Warp does not always need to be thin, in fact you can utilise your warp string to add an extra layer to your piece by letting it stand out. Our 3mm cotton strings are perfect for a chunky warp and this navy blue was included to get our weavers experimenting with a thicker warp and how it can provide an awesome contrast between weft and warp.

XXL Piuma Yarn – A super soft, extra chunky, lightly twisted Merino yarn from DHG. The big sister to our other Piuma yarns, this sweet sampler is like a cloud between your fingers.

Buttons – These super cute wooden buttons have various painted designs that matched the colour theme. Easily able to be attached to a weave or macraweave by sewing in place or loosley threading them to hang down. If you also knit or crochet these buttons will make a nice practical finishing touch to a wearable item

Each of our BeWeave Yarn and Fibre subscription boxes come with an inspiration project for you to follow. Most of the times these are woven tapestries of some design but can also include macra-weaves or some other feature item.. Julys inspiration make was a round woven project and included simple DIY instructions highlighting the materials and techniques I have used. Each project is there for you to take inspiration from, copy or use as a base to add your own flair too. This month one inspiration weaving was included in the box with a second woven wall hanging created and shared within the private Facebook group - A Makers Space.

Love one of this months products? Although many of our BeWeave yarns and fibres are exclusive to the boxes in product or colour, in some cases we do have a range of some yarns showcased, available in different colours. You can check out those from this month below.

Want to join in on the fun. BeWeave is now open. Subscribe today and also get your copy of 'Get Started With Tapestry Weaving, A Beginners Guide' and a Subscription Bingo card to play along and win yourself a free month.

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