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There has been a surge in requests for ethical and sustainable products in the fibre arts world, and it's easy to know why when they are so full of texture, just like this recycled Sari silk yarn.


Created from the by-product of the silk production units, specifically the traditional Indian Sari factories, the colourful silk threads are collected and repurposed into yarn. These threads are hand spun on drop spindles by the artisan cooperatives in small villages, helping the women to earn a living. 


Sari yarn comes in 100g skeins with each skein giving you approx 50 metres of a gorgeous, versatile and textured yarn that is so full of colour. It is the ideal yarn to have in your yarn drawer for use across your weaving and other crafts and lends itself well to basket making or knitting and crochet mats, hats and scarfs. 


Each skein has its own colourway with no two skeins being the same. Recycled sari yarn is considered a bulky yarn, suiting a 5-6mm needle,  although the thickness is generally even throughout. Adding to the special nature of the yarn, the texture may also vary between skeins with some being more soft and stringy than others.  This is a great way to add another level of uniqueness to your work. 


Manufactured to minimise waste, this product will go above expectations as a stand out fibre for adding a bespoke look and feel to your pieces, while also being consciously great for the environment, you can't really go wrong. 



Recycled Sari Silk Yarn

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