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Your Fibre Stash Will Thank You

BeWeave, the Yarn and Fibre Box is a monthly subscription for fibre and weaving lovers just like you and me. BeWeave launched earlier this year in February and is the newest and most exciting way to grow your fibre stash.

I can hear you asking for more info... so here it is.

Whats in the Box?

Well my creative friend, that is actually a surprise and where the fun and excitement begin. Each month I curate a fresh and fun new box that will arrive on your doorstop without you having to do a thing. The BeWeave box is designed to inspire your creativity, make you smile and encourage some time out for yourself.

As the name suggests the BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Box will always include yarn and fibre of some description. These will be accompanied by cool add ons that will be fibre, yarn or weaving related or sometimes it is something more for you, included to pamper the maker (that is you), because you deserve it.

Each month we have a limited number of BeWeave subscription boxes and you can only join a few times a year with the WAIT LIST being open for all those other times.

There are so many cool things about BeWeave that makes this yarn and fibre subscription box a unique experience so I am going to list them for you below.

In no particular order.

- Its ultra-convenient. Your box will arrive on your doorstop every month without you needing to do a thing

- Inspiring. Each box will be full of beautiful yarns and fibres. I aim to introduce new things you may not have seen or tried before and there will be some items exclusive to the box. Boxes will be themed monthly and are designed to encourage, expand and inspire your creativity.

- Helpful. This box isn't just about yarn and fibre, although these are the main events, you will also find fun extra goodies to help you with your craft, or on occasion to help you focus on yourself.

- Community. I love our fibre community and I am looking forward to this transcending through the BeWeave Box. There will be a special space for BeWeavers where you can view short videos with tips and tricks, live Q&As, weave along’s and unboxings. This space is the private Facebook group, A Makers Space.

- All the good things. In line with Vada Blue shop values there will be an emphasis on high quality, locally sourced, small business, ethically and sustainably made products

You can read what our current BeWeaves have to say and sign up to join the wait list for BeWeave Yarn and Fibre subscription box HERE

I hope to see your name on the list next round. PS... that happens 1st of July

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