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Magic and Mystery, unboxing April's Purple Themed Yarn Subscription Box: What's Inside?"

The BeWeave yarn and fibre box for April is a royal flush with a spectacular range of purple ribbon, yarns and fibres and a fun non fibre addition. Purple has long been associated with rarity, royalty, piety, magic and mystery and with so many different shades to explore it can be a really cool colour to play with.

Take a look at what our subscribers received in their April BeWeave box and check out the inspiration project for this month.

Round purple weaving
Our purple inspiration weaving project

5mm string bundle – Our popular luxe European cotton string in a perfect little bundle. With approx. 40m to play with these single twist string bundles are the perfect size for weavers who love using string like me, especially if you want lots of colours to choose from.  The string bundles are also perfect for macrame makers with enough length to create a small macramé wall hanging which you can macra-weave with if you like for double the fun.

Sari Silk yarn – A fun fuzzy recycled yarn, hand spun in India from sari silk threads. This yarn is a thick and thin yarn with pops of colour threads throughout. The ends of the threads create some awesome texture for you without having to do anything extra.

Cotton frizz yarn – An ultimate yarn collection must have. Cotton frizz ribbon is ideal for weaving and crochet. Its ribbon base is 1cm wide with a soft frayed edge. Ideal for rainbow wrapping and many weaving techniques.

Extra Fine Merino Blend – Capturing multiple shades of purple all together, this combed top has a striped effect for added interest in your work. Soumak and tabby are my favourite techniques to use with combed top.

Splatter Denim Yarn – Our recycled denim ribbon hand painted with pops of purple and pink. The denim ribbon is soft and a little stretchy making it suitable for weaving and wrapping.

Flat Purple Wire – This 3mm flat aluminum wire has been fun to play with and is so easy to shape. Use your fingers, dowels or pliers to shape for interesting 3D effects.

The inspiration project for the month used our new small round shaped loom from the weaving set. It has little notches which make warping super easy and secure. I added some bling by using our silver metallic string as the warp. From the BeWeave box I used the combed top, cotton frizz and string in a circular weave design with tabby and soumak weaving techniques. I used a pencil and a wooden dowel to wrap the wire around, creating two different sized coils that I attached to the weave by folding one end over the warp and weft to hold secure.

Some of this months purple themed yarn subscription are staples in the Vada Blue store which means you can shop various colour selections of cotton frizz ribbons, extra fine combed Merino tops and cotton string bundles. to try


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