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Warp a hoop for a circular weave

There is just something really special about circular weaves and nothing more so than those created on a beautiful bamboo hoop.

Although there are other ways to create a round weave, such as wrapping a metal hoop, using a specific hoop that is designed to be seen and frame your weave adds an extra element of design to your art.

What makes these hoops even better is that they come with these genius little notches that hold your warp strings in place. This allows you to avoid any slipped warps and means that you do not need to pre-wrap your hoop before you start to warp. Definitely what you want with such a pretty hoop.

Essentially, warping your hoop is done the same as any other circular weave you are preparing.

  1. Tie your warp string to the hoop in one of the designated notches

  2. Bring your warp string down the front of your hoop in the center and use the bottom notch to wrap your warp back around to the top, finishing one notch to the left

  3. Bring your warp back down to the front and cross diagonally over to sit one notch to the right.

  4. Repeat this until all notches are full and you have a frame with even bicycle like spokes

  5. Take the end of your warp and wrap this around the center of your circle a few times to help pull in the strings.

  6. Take your end back to your first notch and tie it off.

You will now have the perfect warped circle frame for your weaving. The golden colour of the bamboo pairs so well with the various textures of fibres and provides the ultimate finishing touch for you. I know from experience that it is hard to go back to wrapping a metal hoop once you have played with one of these.

Our new bamboo hoops come in three sizes and as demonstrated above, are super simple to warp. See how easy in the video below where I take my Australian black 1.5mm cotton string and quickly warp the smallest of the bamboo hoops.

If you have tried our bamboo hoops already, we would love to see your creations, feel free to tag us on Instagram

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