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OEKO WHAT? A breakdown of Oeko Tex certification

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

By now, you may have seen the term Oeko-Tex certified proudly displayed across many of our yarn, ribbons, cotton and fibre pages. If you have ever found yourself wondering what this means, you are not alone, but I hope to be able to clarify this for you.

OEKO-TEX® made its debut in 1992 at the Interstoff trade fair where it introduced its labels and certifications for the textile industry to easily determine if and where harmful substances were being used in the manufacturing of textiles. OEKO-TEX® now has many labels across its platform for various products and procedures. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 has become the world’s best-known label for acknowledging the safety of the substances used in production while providing consumer confidence and transparency in product safety and sustainability.

The OEKO-TEX® tests are carried out by independent partners and look into all types of chemicals including those not yet currently regulated in other areas.

If you are like me and love using products that are created in a manner that are harmless to the environment and human health, than these standards are ones to look out for when purchasing your yarns and fibres.

For more information on the certifications, OEKO-TEX® provides the textile industry visit OEKO-TEX® - Tailor-made solutions for the textile and leather industry

Some of our amazing sustainable OEKO-TEX® products are below.

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