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Unboxing our July BeWeave Subscription Box

Weaving with just a single colour is a great way to challenge yourself. Creating a Monochrome piece really allows you to explore different hues and the shades and tones of that same colour. It also encourages a focus on texture to help create detail and ensure the piece is visually pleasing.

Over the last 6 months our BeWeave yarn and fibre boxes have introduced us to an array of colours and textures with each box bringing delicious colour combinations, but not one has focused on a single colour, which is why the theme for the July box was white and only white.

With any colour there are various shades and tones which are created by adding either black or grey to the original hue, there is literally so many variations that this needs to be discovered in more detail through colour theory, something we will explore separately soon at Vada Blue. However, what you also get is a variation in how a colour looks on a dyed product which is dependent on the type of fibre that it is on, even if the same manufacturer has dyed the two products using the same dye quantities, you will see differences associated to the different fibres. The July BeWeave Box has allowed us to explore this a little by comparing the all-white products side by side.

White is such a great colour to have in your fibre stash because it quite literally goes with everything. It is fresh, clean, crisp and beautiful. Our BeWeave box this month includes four very different fibres, all in white, however some are a stunning crisp white while others look a little less bright. They all however balance each other to create a wonderful monochrome piece when worked together.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in our July BeWeave Yarn and Fibre subscription box.

Schiffili Cotton – Wide Ribbon

You all know how much I love a wide ribbon and the woven Schiffili cotton ribbon is no exception. Similar to the Aari ribbon, the Schiffili however is twice as wide at nearly 10cm. The Schiffili ribbon has a gorgeous open weave detail that runs down the center too. Wide ribbons make for incredible depth and texture and I love using this in soumak or a simple loose tabby to create a bouncy weft. If you are into floristry or journal making, this ribbon is an ideal choice for you also.

Silk Chiffon - Recycled Ribbon

Silk Chiffon is soft, delicate and luxurious. Similar in presentation to Sari Silk in width and preparation, the long recycled ribbons have been torn and ends sewn to create a single continuous ribbon. As a recycled product you may find some sweet little details including printed areas or embroidered detail throughout the material which adds to the uniqueness of the ribbon. Silk chiffon is so pretty when woven but if you knit or crochet, this is one to explore as well.

Recycled Cotton - Yarn

The recycled cotton yarn has an unusual texture with its long wispy frizz. This yarn has been hand spun so brings the quirkiness of an art yarn with thick and thin, over spun and under spun areas but it is fun to add into your weaves and is a great choice for rug making or crochet baskets.

Bamboo – 3mm string

Last but not least we have a small taste of my forever favourite string in the bamboo. We have experienced bamboo before and this month we are getting to enjoy the divine crisp white in our super soft 3mm string. I love working with string within my pieces and the premium bamboo macrame string is truly the softest on the market. Perfect for fringes and tassels with a stunning shine to its appearance, you wont find anything nicer.

Tassel Maker – Tool

This month we included a fun new tool for creating tassels and pom poms. Some maker’s tools are wonderful for reducing the time to make things or helping to make them more easily and the Tassel Maker is no exception. A super handy tool that has a number of uses you can create all the fun things including tassels, pom poms and even a mini weave small enough for a dolls house.

Our July BeWeave Box has been a real hit and has encouraged makers to try a monochrome weave, something that many, including myself have not done before. To inspire the monochrome makes our inspiration make for this month was a pretty round weave on our new flower circle looms using only white ribbons and yarns. I have also explored mixing the white palette with a black warp for a bold contrasting effect.

Wait list is currently open. Sign up today for all the latest details, info and first chance to get your hands on a box during our next opening.

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