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DIY Macrame Shooting Star Tutorial

Super cute and pretty this macrame shooting star is the perfect piece for your child's bedroom and can easily be customised with a range of artisan ribbons and yarns.

Our beginner friendly DIY macrame star is simple to make and uses just a few macrame knots. Below you will find the materials and techniques required.

What you need

- Wooden star shape. This star was 18cm across externally and 15cm internally (a metal star could be substituted)

- 3mm macrame cord. I would suggest our beautiful bamboo string if you want a shimmering star

- Artisan ribbons to embellish


This project requires knowledge of larks head, square knot, double half hitch and gathering knot

  1. Cut 30 x 1 m lengths

  2. Start by attaching 2 lengths to one point. Attache one to each side of the tip with a larks head knot

  3. Complete a square knot

  4. Attach 2 more lengths, one on each side. Using the cords from the square know above with your new attached cords you can create 2 x square knots

  5. Repeat the above step to complete a third alternating row of square knots

  6. To finish this point, create 2 x more alternating rows so that it finishes in a V

  7. Turn your star to work on the second point. Repeat steps 2-6

  8. Join your two points together using the top 2 working cords from each side. Use these to create a square knot.

  9. On only the edges of the V where you have joined the points complete a single row of double half hitches.

  10. Begin your third point and repeat steps 2-6 and 8-9 until all 5 points of your star have been completed.

  11. Push your ends through to the back of the star.

  12. Create a mini tassel by cutting 4 x 10cm lengths and folding these in half. Hold together with a gathering knot.

  13. Comb and trim the top.

  14. Push your tassel into the center of the star. Keeping your combed top on the front.

  15. Flip your star over and hold together all of the ends by tying a piece of string around them or use a gathering knot here too

  16. Choose some artisan ribbons such as cotton, silk and metallic to tie around the fringe.

  17. Attach these by sewing and glue to ensure they are secure.

  18. Finish with some optional barrel knots in the macrame string fringe.

I hope you enjoy following our DIY macrame shooting star tutorial. It would be a great pleasure to see your finished macrame stars. Please tag on Facebook and Instagram to be featured.

For more fibre supply ideas, check out some of these below. Happy creating.


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