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How it all began...

My love for Macrame started out just as an interest in pot plant hangers for our new extension and renovated bathroom. This turned into a curiosity and appreciation for the work behind the pieces I had seen. Facebook is great for many things, and one of those things is knowing what it is your wanting right then and there... cue, an advert for a Macrame workshop in my local area. It must be fate.

I was very quickly hooked to the art of tying knots and was eager to learn as many as I could. I had a lot of fun making pieces for my home, plant hangers and wall hangings. With encouragement from family and friends and a few requests for orders, I found myself completely carried away and a little obsessed. Just a little! The orders for rope and string started to come in and I just couldn't get enough of the different textures and colours. OMG the colours. I just had to try them all. So I ordered more!

As my home quickly became completely over run with wall hangings, I thought it was time I started sharing. I started attending local craft markets and like everyone else, I opened up an Etsy store. This was a nice start for me, as in a short time I had orders coming in and it was the confidence booster I needed to keep on going. Now I'm moving onto bigger things, it is lucky i'm on maternity leave. It has allowed me to dive right in. My website is up and running, I have stock in a real bricks and mortar store (never thought that would happen) I have started taking orders for Christmas, already, I am producing patterns and DIY kits, launching into Macrame parties and finally stocking Macrame supplies. I need more than 2 hands!

So get in touch. I would love you to be a part of my new creative journey

Sarah x

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