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H E M P - A Wonder Yarn

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Probably the most misunderstood yarn on the planet but the most interesting and amazing yarn on the planet too.

hemp yarn
Hemp Yarn

Hemp is a 100% plant fibre that is eco- friendly, vegan friendly and incredibly versatile. It has many uses across commercial and industrial products from clothing, ropes and textiles, paper, insulation, cosmetics, food, health and wellness to name just a small sample of the possibilities.

Unfortunately, Hemp has, in the past received a bad name and is often misunderstood due to its link to the marijuana plant. Both plants do come from the Cannabis sativa family, however you are unable to get high from hemp due to its lack of THC. It is therefore just an incredibly useful plant with awesome properties that can be used across an array of areas including all fibre arts.

There are many reasons why we love Hemp. These start with its natural anti-bacterial properties, it is rich in Vitamin E and it is biodegradable. The fact that the entire plant from seed to oil to the fibre can be used, is just incredible and each part of the plant fills a different role in the range of uses.

In a fibre sense, hemp has a long length and is strong. It is a great heat conductor, dries quickly, is washable and resists mildew. There is no use of Chlorine or pesticides to process and it takes a lot less water than many other plant and animal fibres to produce. What’s more, it is sustainable with a higher yield per area then other plant fibres. Did you know There is evidence of hemp being used as fabric as far back as 8000BC!

To make hemp yarn, the long stranded fibres from the stalk of the hemp plant are separated from the bark of the hemp via a process known as retting. In the case of our hemp yarn at Vada Blue, these fibres are then hand spun into yarn, however it is also often commercially processed.

Hemp as yarn also doesn’t shrink or stretch and similarly to other natural plant products such as flax or nettle it actually softens with handling and wash.

At Vada Blue our hand spun hemp is rustic in look and feel. It has a natural raw colour and appears stiff at first touch. The yarn will become softer and more pliable after handling but this overall appearance is what draws me to this yarn. It is fantastic for basket weaving, rug making, jewelry, and bags and can be woven, knitted or crocheted, making it a wonderful addition to your fibre stash.

Want to try hemp yarn. You can give it a go here.

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