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Bling it On! The August BeWeave Box, Unboxed.

Give me all the bling!

It can be so easy to add a little glitz and glamour to your pieces with the addition of some metallic string, yarn or ribbon and often it’s the small details that make the biggest impact. Metallic's are a lot of fun to play with and I was so excited to share a range of shimmery items in the August BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Subscription Box that may be a little different to what you are used too.

Our August BeWeave Box certainly brought all the flair with old favourites in new ways, stunning patterns and glamorous yarns in a range of gold tones. This month our BeWeavers received these incredible yarns.

Metallic Cotton Frizz - Gold

Could we love cotton frizz anymore… I think we can now! This sparkly gold addition is just amazing and I love the contrast between the actual ribbon with its matt look and the amazing gold frizz feature. A sure way to add special detail to your macra-weaves, rainbows and tapestries.

Charleston Yarn – Myrrh

Charleston yarn gives me the ultimate Gatsby vibe and I can’t get enough of it. In the BeWeave Box we feature the beautiful Myrrh, its fine details with a tonal metallic outer which has been wrapped around a cotton core is just divine. Charleston is ideal for knitting, crochet, weaving, jewellery making, slow stitching and any fibre craft you want to add some shimmery goodness to. Charleston is currently available in the Vada Blue store in a range of stunning colours. You can see those here.

Fabric Ribbon - Snake

I had such fun looking for a fabric to include in this month’s box and let me tell you the choices for metallic designs were incredible. Given that we have mostly explored block colours in ribbons through BeWeave so far, I kept being drawn to this snake pattern. Not only does it fit so well with the box, I just loved the pattern and wanted to provide some unique interest to your creations and provide a challenge to some who may not be as comfortable using patterns within their work.

4mm Rope – Gold

This shimmery cotton rope is ideal for adding a gorgeous trim and creating bold details within your Macrame and woven work. Our gold shimmer rope will be familiar in style to those accustomed to our current cotton macrame ropes as a 3ply, 4mm rope. The cotton center has been wrapped in a gold synthetic thread and because of this does feel a little stiffer between the hands however is still very easily worked and looks amazing. The gold shimmer rope is available in 500g spools.

Metallic cotton twist string – black/gold

In addition to full metallic strings, you can get a delightful mix of cotton with metallic. Mixed cotton blends look so fun when woven or worked into your Macrame and this one provides an easy way to get your metallic fix. Featuring a blend of our Australian cotton with a gold metallic thread.

Gold Flakes

When it comes to detail, sometimes the smallest touches can make the biggest impact. Each month we explore a non fibre item and this month I included something I felt many would not have used before and added some stunning gold flakes in a sweet tube with cork lid. Gold flakes can easily be added to your weaving with just a touch off fabric glue and are will really up that luxurious feel.

Our BeWeavers loved this months box and the inspiration it has brought. I am looking forward to see what comes out of their box over the next few months. You can see what some of them had to say below.

What our BeWeaver's had to say

Deb - Love the bling!

Debbie – So much love and inspiration in each box.

Victoria – This months Beweave box brings all the sparkly goods to lure me back into my love of neutral beach inspired pieces

Anne – Loved the August Beweave Box Sarah its beautiful

Kylie – I just loved my sparkle. Thanks so much

This month I created two pieces using only a small amount of the box, allowing for many more creations and detail to come. My first piece and the inspiration piece for the box was a cute little macrame number that resembles a full flowing gown with its metallic frizz fringing. The second had a woven base which I added layered fringing and of course some beautiful gold flake detail to break up the tabby weave.

If you would like to experience the BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Subscription for yourself, head over to the home page and sign up via the BeWeave product page. The subscription is now open for new subscribers but will close again soon where the wait list will reengage.

Questions and comments are always welcome. Feel free to email me at

BeWeave Always

Sarah xoxo

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