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BeWeave Yarn & Fibre Subscription - Box 2 Easter

When choosing a theme for the BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Subscription box I not only consider fibres or colours, I also look at different times of year and occasions. If I am picking a theme that is based on a special day or time of year I like to work a month advance, sending out the themed box in the previous month to when the special occasion occurs. I do this so that there is enough time to use what is in the box to create any themed pieces for that special day.

With this said, when thinking of a theme for our March BeWeave Box I couldn’t look past Easter which occurs in April this year. Easter has a beautiful range of colours associated with it that I knew could be used to curate a gorgeous box for my BeWeavers. Do you know the colours I am talking about?

You may recognise these Easter colours, usually shown in shades of pastel but also sometimes in something a little brighter. They are often seen in images of sugared eggs and fluffy bunny’s, however, they actually hold a much deeper symbolic meaning in a religious Easter and I thought this was a nice way to explore them.

The Easter BeWeave Box brings you:

Green – Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon

I often feel that Sari Silk ribbon yarn is truly the number one staple for all fibre stashes, the soft silky texture, the shimmer and the versatile thickness allows for all types of weaving techniques and is great for crochet and other arts as well. The green represents hope and promise of new life

White – Cotton Frizz

Cotton Frizz is another fan favourite and I love it because it brings loads of texture and like the Sari Silk is a recycled, fair trade product. White represents joy, love virtue, holiness, and innocence.

Blue – 3mm Bamboo string

Bamboo string is quite simply the softest most precious string you will find. It also has amazing eco properties too. I was unable to find a specific meaning relating to blue but it always appeared in Easter colour palettes so I chose to include it because it is so pretty and goes well with the rest.

Purple – Merino wool top

You can never have enough wool roving, this is another beautiful 23 Micron Fine Merino wool. The purple represents sorrow, humility and penance. It is also the colour for Lent and Royalty.

Gold – 2mm shimmer string

There is always room for a little sparkle and you get just that in the 2mm metallic cotton string. This beautiful string goes a long way in adding that extra detail. Gold (or yellow) represents joy and glory.

Pink – Silk Congee Ribbon & 1.5mm cotton warp string

The Silk Congee ribbon is a delicate addition to bring a softer element to your pieces and the warp has been included because sometimes you just need coloured warp and it paired so well. Pink represents joy and love.

Wooden carved dowel

Who doesn't love adding a special detail in an unusual place? The wooden dowels are the perfect addition to add a special touch from the very top of your piece. Timber is one of my favourite materials to use for hangers at it brings a whole new element to the overall aesthetic.

This was honestly such a fun box to put together. Not only selecting the colours and fibres (seriously how cool is that huge bundle of wool top) but the research as well. Our BeWeave yarn and fibre subscription boxes are more than just a random selection, they are lovingly curated, thought out and full of only the best.

Our BeWeavers loved this box. Here are just some of what our BeWeavers had to say about their second yarn and fibre box.

Oh my this month's box is to die for, Thank you Sarah - Barbara

Thanks for pulling these boxes together they are so much fun and makes me be brave and creative - Katrina

Love this months Beweave box thank you - Michelle

Gorgeous colors again and a carved dowel!! - Laura

Received my Beweave box this morning!! Was definitely not disappointed. Love the colours, love the fibres, have already got ideas running through my mind for this month’s box!! Thank you Sarah, VadaBlue - Fibre Art Supplies excitement overload- Michelle

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