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BeWeave FAQ

The BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Subscription Box is entering its fourth month and opened its doors once again to new subscribers on the1st of April. With this in mind we know that many of you have some burning questions to see if this is the right thing for you before we open again in July. But first lets tick some boxes...

  • Do you love to weave or are looking to get into weaving?

  • Would you love to grow your fibre stash with new and exciting yarns as well as old favourites?

  • Are you interested in expanding your knowledge about new fibres?

  • Do you enjoy a community of like minded people and are interested in trying new things?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these than you can feel confident that BeWeave will be right for you.

Now we have those confirmed, here are the most common questions we have been asked?

What is it and how does it work?

BeWeave is a monthly subscription box that you sign up for on an ongoing basis. Once you have subscribed you will be sent that months box and each month an automatic payment is created and you will be sent the next month’s box without having to do a thing... Convenience!

Inside the box will be yarn, fibre and other goodies too so it is the perfect way to grow your fibre stash and try some new things. You also get a 15% discount to the entire store plus access to live videos, tutorials, inspiration, encouragement and community fun within the A Makers Space Facebook Group.

How long does it go for?

BeWeave will continue for each customer for as long as they are subscribed.

Can you Unsubscribe?

Yes you can unsubscribe at any time prior to the next month’s box. This can be done via your payment provider or by contacting me via email at

Can you Re-subscribe?

Yes you can, however please note that boxes are open for subscription only a few times a year and are limited in number. This means if you unsubscribe I can not guarantee you a spot in any upcoming boxes.

Can I buy a one off box?

No, all boxes are offered on subscription only which forms part of the value of the subscription. Many items will be unique and exclusive to the boxes.

Why can't I sign up anytime?

This mainly comes down to the current restrictions and time frames for sourcing large quantities of wonderful, exciting and new fibres and yarns for you. I need to know in advance how many I will need and am currently planning and ordering months in advance.

Will there be patterns in the box?

There won't be patterns in the boxes. The boxes are designed to expand your creativity and therefore you may find you use up all the fibres to create one piece or you may choose to only use a few pieces in your work and add other items to compliment.

As part of the box, within A Makers Space I will be showcasing 1-3 inspiration makes that I have created using the items in the box. You are welcome to copy these and in some cases I will be doing tutorials on certain techniques to assist with this.

How much yarn comes in the box?

This will change month to month and ultimately this will depend on the value of the yarn or fibres that are featured.

How do I subscribe?

When the boxes are open for subscription, the BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Subscription Box will be like any other product page on Vada Blue. Follow the prompts to purchase as you would normally and it will set it up as a recurring payment for you as you go. If the boxes are closed you can join the BeWeave WAIT LIST which will give you updates on the box and provide you with early bird access each time we open.

If you have any further questions about our BeWeave Box please reach out and I will answer those for you. In the meantime, take a moment to explore some of our previous boxes and the inspiration makes below. You can also view some of our live videos in A Makers Space by joining HERE

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