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A Merry Christmas Stash - Unboxing Novembers BeWeave Box

When you have a big event such as Christmas, I like to theme my boxes the month before to ensure that there is plenty of time for you to utilise what is in the box for the year. With Christmas creeping up on us (well me anyway) the only obvious box theme for November was of course Christmas.

Aiming for a traditional Christmas vibe I chose reds, greens and whites for the BeWeave Box as well as fibres that felt like they came straight out of a Christmas movie, I'm sure you can guess at least one of these.

Lets Explore the Christmas Box in more detail.

Rouge Silk Velvet

I don't know about you, but Santa’s suit comes to mind immediately when I think of red velvet and Christmas.

This rich deep red is classic Christmas and you can never have too much velvet. I love using my wide velvet in my weaves, especially with a soumak or simple tabby technique. It has a really plush look that makes everything feel more expensive

Each of our velvet ribbons are hand dyed here in Australia by another local business before I measure, snip and then hand tear each one by hand. Tearing the velvet ensures they are straight rather then a wonky scissor line, plus it also provides a lovely frayed edge that you can utilise in your piece.

Super Fine Merino

What’s red without green when it comes to Christmas? This delightful super fine merino in English Countryside is a first for our BeWeave box. Sitting at 14.5 microns, this is extra, extra fine and something special for my BeWeavers. It has been a treasure to spin too.

Wool Splatter Yarn

This natural chunky plied Merino wool yarn has been hand painted with red and green splatters to create the ultimate Christmas themed yarn. Perfect for weaving, knitting and crochet, I can definitely see a Christmas beanie or scarf being created out of this. Or, lets imagine some Christmas pom poms, this would be a great craft project to do with the kids. The option for this bulky Christmas yarn are endless

Banana Silk Yarn

Banana fibre is super soft yet durable and is another on our sustainable list of yarns. It is harvested from the outer layers of the banana tree bark which is stripped and processed to create cellulose fibres. It is a fantastic vegan, renewable source of fibre. The Banana fibre has been dyed with a variety of vibrant saturated pigments before being hand spun and dyed.

This particular banana yarn is a wicked red with a mixed pallette of deep and contrasting colours, making it a fun and vibrant yarn for Christmas.

Cream Lace

I am a big ribbon lover so I just love finding new ribbons to play around with. Although I had originally planed to use this lace in another future box I felt like it really belonged in the Christmas box. Another perfect example of a ribbon to weave is lace. The details in lace always provide a lovely focal point too and can be woven in a tabby, soumak or twining formation. Lace can come really soft and light or a little thicker such as the cotton lace featured in the Christmas box, but both work beautifully. Sometimes I also use my ribbon for gift wrapping which is ideal at Christmas time and I love seeing ribbons adorning hats or used in journal making too.

Ruby Silk Touch String

A sweet mix of cotton and bamboo which has created a super soft string with a holo effect. The silk touch macrame string is so lovely on the hands, you can create with it all day long. Made from approx 25% cotton and 75% bamboo this beautiful product is manufactured in Turkey like our original luxe, Egyptian and premium bamboo range.

The ruby rouge red colour certainly belongs here in the Christmas box.


I was very excited to include the Christmas wreaths as our non fibre product this month. I feel Christmas wreaths are a favourite and traditional part of Christmas decor everywhere you look.

A fibre wreath is no doubt a wonderful project to take on for Christmas which is why our Inspiration Project for this month was a Christmas wreath. Using macrame knots and our silk touch string, I made some petals which I attached along with the velvet and lace ribbons and some bamboo string.

I can not wait to see what our BeWeavers create for themselves this month.

As always you can join us in BeWeave where you get to experience the fun and excitement of recieving an unknown box of brilliant fibres each month right HERE. As a BeWeaver you also get 15% of store wide. Its a great way to grow your fibre stash and trial new yarns and fibres and that you may otherwise not have seen before.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out anytime.



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