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Classic Black and White for our June BeWeave Box

Black & White photo of hands sewing

Our June BeWeave Box theme was Black and White, in particular Black and White photography. There is something timeless and classic about Black and white film. It is a great way to focus and capture detail.

I have also always loved the simplicity of a monochrome fibre piece and I was keen to explore the possibilities of black, white and the in-between.

I came across the image to the right on Pinterest and it spoke to me. It was the photo that I chose to represent this box, with the black, white and in-between and the way it highlights the details in the hands. Unfortunately I could not locate the original photographer to credit for this piece.

Black and White have always and always will be a classic combination. Let’s Check out Junes BeWeave Box.

DHG Vintage Yarn – This beautiful black and white blended yarn is made from cotton, alpaca, merino and nylon. Ideal for weaving, knitting and crochet, the colour way perfectly resembled a black and white image. It has a striking effect when woven and would knit into a beautiful scarf also.

Banana/Sari Silk yarn – A fun mix of banana fibre with sari silk threads that create a textured and bold yarn. This art yarn has been hand spun and dyed by artisan women in India.

Extra Fine Merino – Highlighting all the tones of black and white photography in a super soft commercial blend of colours. I knew this would look incredible when woven and it did not disappoint. I am also very excited to spin this into a core spun art yarn very soon.

Barcode Aari Ribbon – This piece was a much more contrasted addition to the box with clear black stripes on white cotton ribbon. The cotton ribbon is soft and a little bit stretchy, making it an ideal ribbon for weaving, floristy and gift wrapping.

Tartan Ribbon – Who doesn’t have a connection of some sort to a plaid or tartan pattern? This ribbon perfectly captured the theme with its greyscale palette.

Beads – A set of 6 silver beads with black highlights in a tribal pattern. The shiny silver reminded me of reflecting light which felt right for our black and white photography themed BeWeave Box.

I wanted to achieve a few things for our inspiration project for June. These were: to double warp, showcase the vintage yarn, I was really excited to see how this looked over a large space and lastley I wanted to use the merino wool as a bold highlight.

For this project I only used 2 out of the 6 items from the box. Sometimes less is more and this was certainly the case for this piece and what I had hoped to achieve. To complete the woven wall hanging I added in some luxe black cotton string for the base layer of the fringe and a very small amount of my white bamboo macrame string for the tassel. I chose the bamboo specifically for this because of its added shine.

Using my medium loom I double warped the loom and added two layers of fringe using the cotton string and the vintage yarn. I used rya and looped rya techniques, plus an extra rya with the bamboo string for the tassel. For the rest of the piece I only used tabby to build up the vintage yarn and also for the combed top. By not splitting the combed top into halves, I got these really big bubbles which I love. What do you think about this months inspiration project?


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