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What's that knot?

I am a member of some wonderful and helpful Macrame groups on Facebook that I feel privileged to be a part of. They have been a great inspiration and provide lots of encouragement on this macrame journey of mine.

These groups are an open board of questions, ideas, feedback and suggestions, where no question is too silly and with such a diverse range of Macrame lovers, you have a wide range of experiences to learn and grow from.


What's that knot between the row of double clove hitches?

This is the question I am often asked when showing my work within these groups and other platforms. And, the answer is simple. It is a row of double clove hitches, but it is the back you are looking at! Yes that is right. I have turned my piece around and completed my clove hitches from the back. It's that simple.

I use this knot often within my pieces. I love the look of it between two rows of double clove hitches and even on its own. It is an unexpected look for how it is achieved, which is why I believe so many are unsure of what they are looking at.

If you haven't' tried this before, please give it a go. If you have mastered the double clove hitch, then you can simply add this to your list of things you know how to do. Because you already do! And, just like the normal clove hitch you are used to, it can be completed in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal fashion.

Another thing to try, if you haven't already is sourcing a closed group of like minded people within your favorite social media platform. You will learn loads I promise.

Happy Macrame,


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