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A Summer Fling - Unboxing our January BeWeave Box

Updated: May 5, 2023

We started 2023 off with the most delicious bunch of yarns and fibres with beautiful colours that reminded me of Summer cocktails, sorbet and the bright fun outfits me and the girls love to wear in the warmer weather. This month included some exclusive new products as well as examples of some popular Vada Blue products. Take a look at this pretty mix with me.

January BeWeave Box Blog

Corriedale wool top

The fibre portion of our February yarn and fibre subscription box was a Corriedale wool top in a soft pastel purple. Although not as soft as Merino, Corriedale is still soft and an all-purpose fibre with a micron around 27. Great for weaving it is also a wonderful option for spinning and felting as it has a longer staple length. Given that it still has the same soft and squishy look you get from other wool roving, Corriedale is still wonderful to use for tapestry weaving as the overall appearance is the same. It also still produces a gorgeous yarn suitable for wearable items.

Sari Silk

Pink lemonade is the very fitting name of this delicious looking ombre ribbon. I just love the mix of pink with the bright yellow. Yellow is known for sunshine and happiness and this ribbon certainly brings that with its pop of pink.

Linen yarn

Who doesn’t love hot pink? This addition was the first time we had included such a thin yarn that is well suited to crochet or knitting as well as weaving. The linen yarn was a light sport weight yarn suited to size 3 needle and I can see some of our BeWeavers knitting up something beautiful with this.

Recycled Mixed Macrame String

My current favourite macrame cord. This 5mm recycled cotton string in Sea Mist must be the prettiest mix I have seen. I am crushing on the mixed strings at the moment, the much loved recycled natural string with a twist of colour is such a simple way to add extra interest to your work. I love the way they look when woven and they are so pretty when knotted up and combed out too. This beauty is available in your standard 1kg roll for macrame artists, however also comes in a sample size along with its 4 sister colours which is what our BeWeave box included.

Silk Chiffon

Light weight and pretty the pastel sorbet orange colour plus the delicate material was a must for our summer BeWeave Box. I could have included this ribbon purely on the name alone, however the colour was a beautiful match providing a stunning contrast to the blue.

Chiffon is much lighter then sari silk but composed the same way. Another recycled and sustainable ribbon that can be woven, crocheted and knitted. You can see our range of silk chiffons here.


Summer is the time to play. I wanted my BeWeavers to make something for themselves and what better way to spoil yourself then with some new earrings to go with a new summer outfit. These bamboo earrings are ideal for adding a mini mini weave or macrame. Perfect to utalising some of the mixed string or chiffon ribbon

The January BeWeave Box was such fun to create with. I was so inspired to create some pretty mini weaves this month which made our inspiration project for our subscribers to copy. I even played around with our new small looms creating the feature piece for our upcoming beginner weaving workshops.

February is our 1 year BeWeave Birthday and is open for new subscribers now. Want in on the BeWeave Fun? Join the BeWeave Yarn and Fibre Subscription Box here.

Sarah x

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