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A Makers Space

Hello my creative friends,

For those who don't know, my fibre journey started 2 years ago and has taken me from macrame to weaving to hand-carding and spinning, its been amazing and such a fun ride. I am still learning everyday and have so many questions but also lots of advice to give and some 'what not to do's' as well. I want to be able to share all this with you.

With this in mind, I have just begun a new private Facebook group named A Makers Space, Fibre arts with Vada Blue. I would love for you to join me here

This page has been set up for all the makers who love exploring new ways to create and who enjoy learning and expanding their skills.

This page, unlike some others, isn't just for the Macrame maker but for Weavers and other fibre artists as well. I have found since starting my fibre journey that often, these crafts can interchange and therefore can spark interests across other mediums. So why not explore that!

I have started this group to be a safe environment for fellow makers to share their stories, ask advice and show us their creations. What better way to learn new things, then from like minded people who love fibre arts as much as you.

If you have an interest in spinning, felting or any other fibre craft, please feel free to join us and discuss your experiences and ask questions, I am sure there will be someone who knows (we are currently only small, but we will grow) Please help me build a wonderful community of fibre artists to learn from, to teach and to celebrate handmade.

Happy making

Sarah xx

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