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A beautiful collection of colour and pattern this soft wide ribbon has been created from recycled ends of non silk sari manufacturing but still captures the beauty of the Indian traditional dress.


These wide ribbons provide all the charm of our wide silk range, including some of the shimmer, but are a great alternative for those looking for a more cost effective alternative.


Each ribbon roll is unique and includes strips of various colours and patterns sewn together to create one continuous roll. These rolls are purchased at random but all appear to have a similar colour theme and patterns throughout just in a different order.


This ribbon is ideal for weaving and is absolutely perfect for bringing a luxurious look to your floristry and bespoke gift-wrapping.


Made in the same way our other popular recycled ribbons, the wide  rolls are a sustainable and recycled product. Created using the fabric scraps collected from sari manufacturing, our sari ribbon is hand torn and sewn to create a continuous length of specialty ribbon by artisan women in India. Please note that not all rolls come as one continous length and you may find a break between some lengths


Each 100g roll offers approx 35-40cm of ribbon and measures 4.5 - 5cm wide.


The nature of recycled ribbons may mean that there are slight colour variations, embroided areas and other unique additions or imperfections that make these rolls truly remarkable and special.


We have been mindful to capture the colours as true to form however some monitors may show a slight alteration in colour and due to the handmade nature of this products, each new dye run may also provide differences in tone. Please be sure to purchase enough for your project to avoid disappointment.

Wide Artisan Ribbon Roll

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