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"Tinker" is a delightful hand spun scrappy art yarn in in a delightful blend of lavender, lichen and natural with a sprinkle of cotton string

Made from scratch, starting with the blending off the Merino wool tops and adding the repurposed off cuts of macrame string on the drum carder

The scrappy art batt is hand spun on my Ashford Country Spinner wheel and chain plied.

As this yarn is spun to order please allow up to one week for completion.

The overall texture is a thick and thin scrappy art yarn ideal for your weaving projects. It is colourful and full of texture.

A beautiful sustainable yarn you can feel good about- Approx. 50 grams

- Approx. 5 metres.

- Merino wool and macrame cotton

- Chain ply

- Lavender, Lichen, natural roving with purple and pink cotton

- This is a scrappy thick and thin Art Yarn


Part of the appeal of hand spun art yarns is that no two yarns will ever be the same. If you are looking for a particular colour blend, please reach out. Although an exact yarn cannot be replicated, colour blends and styles can be repeated.


Suitable across most fibre arts, my yarns have been created by a fibre artist for fibre artists and use my hand spun yarns across my tapestry weaves. This yarn has been set and if necessary will require gentle hand washing.


All our best efforts are taken to show true representation of colours, however there may be some differences across various monitors and devices.


Care: Most suitable for use in woven tapestries


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Tinker | Hand Spun Art Yarn

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