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Introducing Tencel™ Lyocel combed tops with a stunning shade of green and more to follow soon.


This fibre has an absolutely gorgeous look and feel. It is incredibly soft and mimics that of silk. Tencel™ Lyocel is currently considered to be the most eco friendly fibre in the world.


A regenerated cellulous fibre created from wood pulp, often eucalyptus, birch, spruce and beech trees, it is 100% biodegradable. The production process is a closed cycle, which differs to some regenerated cellulous fibres, which allows 99% of the solvents to be reused, uses less energy and also less water.


Tencel™ Lyocel is a great alternative to those who want to avoid silk as it s completely vegan friendly without losing the glossy look and feel that silk gives you, it is also an exceptionally strong fibre.


Available in 100g your sliver will come with approx 7m

Tencel | Combed Top

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