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The Luxe cotton single twist macrame string range is soft and oh so lush.

Teal, a beautiful deep ocean colour with hues of blue and green.

Made from pure sustainable European cotton and manufactured ethically onto recycled cones, it is one of the finest products around.

It handles beautifully and combs out easily to create your soft detailed feathers and fringing. It is easily manipulated into intricate and stunning deisgns and is also great for weaving projects.

One of my favourite fibres to work with the Luxe cotton string range is one to ensure you always have on hand to create your stunning pieces of art.

Available in 5mm 1kg roll - approximately 180m.

Each spool is measured by weight not length and as each dye run may present slight variations please ensure you order enough to complete your project.

Teal | Luxe Macrame Cotton String

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