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This shaggy diamond woven all hanging brings a whole lot of colour and fun to your space, plus it’s 2 pieces in one!

Choose your style by hanging your art with the shaggy point either up or down.

Up gives you the fun ice cream effect. Super cool for kids play rooms, bedrooms and studios.

Down gives you a just as cool shaggy bum effect. A colourful and modern piece.

Both ways showcase the fluffy texture and I dare you not to reach out and touch it.

Created within our diamond wood weaving loom which perfectly frames and finishes of this piece. The contrast between the soft natural cotton string, the timber and the textured array of colours is a match made.

The weave itself is made entirely with Australian cotton and Luxe European cotton string.

Measuring Approx 37 c/m high to 26 wode

Shaggy | Woven Wall Hanging

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