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This unique yarn is made from microalgae and is actual Seaweed that grows in the delta of Brahmaputra in West Bengal. The seaweed fibres are harvested, sun dried and manually retted and hand spun to make a natural and rustic looking yarn.


Seaweed yarn is a great eco friendly option in terms of growth as it does not require fresh water or pesticides to grow and is biodegradable.


Our Seaweed yarn can be used across knitting, crochet and weaving. Please note that due to the handspun nature of this yarn, there may be some variences across thickness and some areas may be overspun. These yarns have been spun by artisan women in small villages alongside other small batch yarns, and you may also see specks of other yarns throughout. All of which add to the character and charm of the yarn


Weight: approx 50g

Length: approx 25m

Needle & Hook size: 6-8mm

Seaweed Yarn

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