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These sari stoles have been lovingly created by artisan women in India. Seven long strips of sari are hemmed and stitched together to create a beautiful single piece of drapey fabric where the stitching is part of the spectacular detail. 


Each stole has been custom created ensuring a beautiful mix of colour and pattern.  No two stoles are the same. 


Stoles have been created either with mixed fabrics or with a singular pattern and measure approx. 52cm x 190cm 


A Stole is a formal type of shawl using expensive, light fabric such as silk or chiffon. It is used to cover the shoulders and arms perhaps to accent an outfit or cover bare shoulders in formal attire and for religious purposes.


One of my favourite things about these stoles is the exposed sewn thread bringing the strips together. I love utilising this detail in my work. 


Fabric such as this can be used in many ways. As is for its designed purpose of course, but how about making a cushion cover, even add some macrame over the top. It would also make a beautiful lining to handmade purse or bag. If you are brave enough (and trust me it wasn't easy to do without feeling guilty) you can tear your stole into strips between the stitching, utilising those strong colours, patterns and to create your own, unique wide ribbons. 


Due to the individuality of every piece, stoles are sold at random but you can choose between a recurring pattern or a vintage style mixed stole. If you have a colour preference please add that to the notes and I will do my very best to accommodate.


Sari Silk Stoles

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