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With an even and defined crimp, Corriedale is a smooth and easy fibre to spin or felt. Although not as soft as our Merino range due to the higher micron count, the Corriedale tops still have a soft and fluffy look which also makes them a great option for weaving.


Our Corriedale tops are from 100% New Zealand sheep. The sheep are pasture-fed and are well cared for and not mulesed. The process from sheep to you includes being scoured (washed), dried and dyed before being opened and condtioned, carded to remove any foregin matter and to align fibres. Lastly it is gilled and combed. Complying with Okeo Tex-Standard 100, a strict EU regulation for dyeing, this gives you the peace of mind that your fibres are also ecologially safe. The Corriedale tops have an micron count of approx 27-30.


Corriedale is great for spinning a fine to medium woollen, worsted or semi-worsted yarn. Corriedale will bulk after washing and has good elasticity. It is ideal for baby  wear, woven, knitted or crocheted garments.


Available in 2 weight options. 50g and 100g


Each 50g top gives you approx. 2 meters in length.

Corriedale Combed Tops

PriceFrom $6.50
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