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Red, this delightful colour can be found in so many things.  It’s the red of rainbows and of course Christmas. Definitely a staple for your collection.A versatile thickness, this 4 ply cord is 4.5mm thick, making it a go to product for a variety of projects.  Twisted cord provides more structure than a single twist string and for that reason is the perfect choice for making plant hangers and any piece you want string lines and definition.  For extra depth in your Macrame piece, it can easily be unraveled and has a soft wavy look. Although it untwists easily, it is not the best choice for making feathers or fringes as it is more difficult to comb out. See my single twist cotton options for this instead. 100% Australian made.1 kg roll has approx 185 meters.  Get creative, start making, the options are endless

Red | Rope

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
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