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In an absolutley stunning natural copper shade, our Eri Silk is a high quality and beautiful sought after fibre ideal for spinning, blending and weaving.


Eri silk comes from the Samia Cynthia moth which unlike other silk worms, spins an open ended cocoon allowing them to leave the cocoon and transcend from silk worm to moth before the Eri Silk is harvested. This has resulted in the name Ahimsa meaning Non Violent Silk, Peace Silk or vegan silk. It is also known as Endi or Errandi Silk in India. 


The Eri silk is of premium quality and is smooth, shiny, durable and has a high lustre that is sought after and makes this fibre an ideal choice for blending with other fibres to give a lustrious sheen where you dont want sparkle.


Eri silk is a definant fibre to have in your stock pile, not only is it amazing, a very beautiful colour, you can always feel good about the process from which it was harvested. 


 Available in 3 weight options.


25g | 50g |100g


200g or more can be ordered on request.

Red Eri Silk | Roving

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