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Now you can try all the beautiful colours in this recycled range at once.


I have created small sample type bundles in 50g and 100g lots for each of the 5 shades in our recycled mixed colour range.


You can choose between a group bundles - therefore recieving a total of 250g or 500g per bundle.


The 50g bundles provide approx. 10 metres of each colour and the 100g bundles include approx. 20 metres of each colour.


An option to purchase the 50g colour in individual colours is also avaliable.


Perfect for weaving, rainbow wrapping and small projects such as key rings and earings. Our convenient bundles allow you to create in multiple colours without having to fork out the big bucks for entire rolls.


There are 5 new looks available in our most popular 5mm macrame string - Seamist, Peach Parade, Lollipop, Musk Twist and Faded Rose.


The addition of colour has been carefully thought out and specially mixed to create this perfectly balanced macrame single twist string. The pop of colour throughout your string is the ideal way to bring new life to your natural pieces without going the full hog on colour. This makes it the perfect choice for rainbows, feathers, weaving and adding extra special details through fringing and tassels.


Our Luxe macrame string range is known for its softness and its ease of use and combing out. Created with the finest 100% cotton string, Okeo tex certified and drawn onto recycled spools, it is easy to tell why the Luxe macrame cotton range continues to be a fan favourite.

Recycled Mixed String Samples

PriceFrom $4.00
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