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Pop bases its splendour on contrasting colours and fluorescent touches. Furthermore, it’s adorned with a thin bouclé yarn that makes it delightfully wavy and quite contemporary.


The base is made of recycled cotton in a braided technique The special twisting used manages to perfectly blend all these elements for a one-of-a-kind effect 

Pop is the quintessence of our textile district, Prato, where yarns and fabrics have been produced for centuries: artisan manufacturing, experience, the willingness to experiment, and a large portion of Italian style.

Pop is a yarn that expresses itself at its best with simple projects because it is so spectacular that it is enough on its own.

Perfect for knitting and crochet, but also for macrame and hand weaving.


Composition: 77% Cotton – 23% Polyamide
Length: about 140 meters for 100 g / 109 yards for 3.5 oz

Pop | Artisan Yarn by DHG

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