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Extremely soft and lustrous this silk fabric is delicate and smooth.


Hand-dyed in Australia as large fabric sheets, each ribbon is then hand torn into these perfectly sized ribbons with a naturally soft frayed edge. 


This fabric is extremely light, soft to touch and drapey. It is graceful and full of the desired silky shine. Ideal for weaving and floristy this beautiful ribbon has been used many times for wedding bouquet wraps, floral arranging, hat making, gift wrapping and any other crafts your imagination takes you. 


Knotted, twining and soumak are some of the great ways to use these ribbons when weaving and will add a soft and elegant feel to your pieces.  


Ribbons are approx 5cm wide and 1.5 metres in length. As these are hand torn, there may be slight variations in size. 


Extra beauty comes from the hand dyeing, which means each and every piece of fabric is unique. 


To remove any wrinkles from your silk you can use a steamer or a shot of steam on your iron - with the iron sitting upright, and pressing the shot of steam button, drape and drag the back of the silk over the iron until the wrinkles disappear.


It is important to note that each piece of fabric has been hand dyed and that although consistency across each piece is the aim, the hand dyeing processes does create slight differences between two pieces of the same colourway. We recommend that you acquire all the fabric you need for a project at the same time to ensure its likeness.  


Please also note that individual settings on your computer may create slight colour variations.




Habotai Silk Ribbon

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