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Can you ever have enough soft, squishy fibre to play with?


I think not, and I have the perfect solution to help you easily grow your fibre stash with fibre you will love


One Bag Full is our monthly fibre subscription for spinners, felters and all fibre lovers alike.


Subscribing to One Bag Full gives you access to a surprise fibre or range of fibres each month. To make things more fun, our fibre bag is themed


One Bag Full has been designed to help you step out of your comfort zone in your chosen medium, introducing you to new blends, colour ways and fibres. It is my desire for One Bag Full to help inspire your creativity and to help you explore fibres you may otherwise not have been able too.


Conveniently packaged in our monthly One Bag Full subscription, the guesswork is done for you, a theme has been created and inspiration for spinning, carding and weaving will be offered via the A Makers Space facebook group and at the same time each month, we will deliver to you your amazing new fibres, without you having to do a thing.


One Bag Full will include various animal, man made or plant based fibres and blends, embellishments, hand dyed and natural inclusions with most items being exclusive to the subscription.


When it comes to spinning, felting or weaving for that matter we all have different requirements for the amount of fibre we need. One Bag Full offers you three size options to choose from. Given the differences in weight and price between our large array of fibres, these options come as either a small, medium or large bag and each month the amount and/or weight of the fibre may vary depending on the fibres included. 


For example our small One Bag Full may include approx. anywhere between 100 to 300 grams of fibre while the medium will sit between 400 and 600 and the large One Bag Full will include anywhere from 700-1kg of fibre.


All three options include the monthly theme and there is an oppoturnity to subscribe on a monthly basis or for 3 or 6 months at a time. Please note prices for rhe 3 and 6 month options include shipping costs 


Each One Bag Full subscriber will have the opportunity to join A Makers Space, our private Facebook group where you can share your creations and check out my hand spun yarn for the month more closely, you will also recieve a 15% coupon code to use at Vada Blue online anytime you like.


One Bag Full is ideal for both beginners and those more experienced. The excitement of receiving your package and experiencing the theme will encourage you to get hands on and inspire those who may be feeling a little stuck.


How to subscribe.


Select the subscription button and follow the prompts to purchase. This will begin as per a normal product purchase however will set you up for a continuous billing cycle for the same time each month (please note to consider public holidays and weekends for drawing funds and refer to your chosen payment provider for their reoccurring payment terms ) Your subscription can be adjusted or cancelled at any time.


Please note images are for publication only and not the fibres you will find in your subscription bag as this will be a surprise each month. 

One Bag Full - Medium | Fibre Subscription

PriceFrom $54.00
Price Options
Monthly Subscription
$54.00every month until canceled
3 Month Subscription
Save 5% (includes shipping)
$182.80every 3 months until canceled
6 Month Subscription
Save 10% (includes shipping)
$356.00every 6 months until canceled
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