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Introducing our Art Batts, the perfect addition to any fiber artist's collection. These handcrafted batts are made with a blend of high-quality wool fibers, silk, and other luxurious materials, resulting in a unique and versatile product. Each batt is carefully carded and blended to create a one-of-a-kind color palette and texture. 


The Midngiht Art Batt is a deep blend of Merino combed tops in purples, black and a sliver of natural  to replicate the moon. The added sprinkle of silver threads finishes this batt off, making it ready to recreate a night sky.

Use our Art Batts for spinning, felting, or any other fiber art project you can imagine. The possibilities are endless with these creative and inspiring batt


Made from Australian Merino wool and weighing 60g


Hand carded on an Ashford drum carder our art batts are suitable for spinning and felting. The combed tops used to make our batts will include natural, commercially dyed and hand dyed varieties. 


The batt you purchase is the one photographed. If out of stock you can request a remake an dif the colours and fibres are in stock we will aim to replicate it as close as possible,  however please note that making an exact match will not be possible due to the hand made nature of this product. 



Midnight | Art Batt

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