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An easy to handle, comfortable wooden weaving comb for tapestry weavers. 


With a natural raw  finish these combs have a long and wide base with many teeth and a curved handle that fits neatly between your thumb and pointer which makes it easy to beat down your weft.  The layout of the teeth are ideal for double warped looms but it will also work with single warp.


A hole at the end of the handle provides a spot to attach a string so you can hang your weaving comb around your neck or on the loom to ensure it is in easy reach when you need it. 


  • Weaving comb is approx 16cm in length
  • Approx 6 cm wide at the comb
  • 12 teeth approx 4mm wide each with 3mm gap beween


I love this shape of comb, it fits perfectly in your hand and is easy to navigate.

Hand Crafted Wooden Weaving Comb

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