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We are so excited to stock a part of the exquisite range of Great Southern Yarns in both block and hand painted colour ways. These Merino based yarns are perfect for knitting, weaving and crochet.


GSY Merino SRS 4 ply yarn bases are created with 100% Australian Merino, with animal welfare, sustainability and ethical values integral in the production of the yarn ranges.


The SRS Merino fleece is single origin, sourced from sheep at Mt Bodangora, NSW. SRS (Soft Rolled Skin) Merino is cruelty free due and sustainable as it’s sourced from non-mulesed sheep. Yarn blends are sourced from both here in Australia and New Zealand. All our fibres are sent to New Zealand to be processed


GSY bases are luxuriously soft, perfect for hand knitting and crocheting garments and accessories.

GSY Merino SRS 4 ply Yarn | Hand Painted

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