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Our gift Subscription option allows you to gift a Big Fibre Cloud Ribbon and Yarn bundle for 1, 3 or 6 months without it automatically being renewed, leaving the option for renewal to the recipient of the gifted box.


All subscription options will begin in May, for those more than 1 month, a new mystery bundle will be sent for the following months like the standard subscription until the end of the giftable period. There is no obligation for the receiver to subscribe at the end of their gifted period


For all gift subscriptions  a gift certificate will be emailed or posted for you to gift. The Fibre cloud will then be delivered soon after to the address you supplied as the reciever.


PLEASE NOTE 3 and 6 month pricing options include shipping for months 2 onwards. Postage for month 1 will be charged at checkout




These lush bundles of ribbon and yarn are an artisans dream.


Ideal for weavers and crafters who love to have a wide range of various ribbons on hand, our fibre clouds are perfect for fringes and are just the right amount for small woven spaces within a macra-weave.


Each fibre cloud is a mixed bundle of colour and texture combining a range of different fibres of the same length. Our dreamy fibre clouds include but are not limited to sari silks, cotton, linen, bamboo, acrylic, wool and velvet and may include recycled, hand dyed, hand spun ribbons and yarns also.


A big fibre cloud includes 12 to 14 x 3 metre lengths (36 metres minimum) and is approx. 200g of fibre.


Please note - Although each colourway has a set colour theme, there may be instances where a substitution ribbon or yarn to what you may see represented is included due to stock levels.


The Mystery option will give you a random colourway that will be a surprise to you.


Subscribe and save

Love our new fibre clouds! Get a new fibre cloud each month with a simple subscription and save 15%. The subscription option has been included so you can enjoy a new fibre cloud each month without having to do a thing. Please note that the subscription option brings you a new mystery cloud each month which may be a colourway featured or a brand new one.


To begin your subscription you can select your very first colourway, the following months will be a MYSTERY and will bring you a different colourway to play with


A small fibre cloud includes 12 - 14 x 1.5 metre lengths (18 metres minimum) and is approx. 100g of fibre is also available here


PriceFrom $30.60
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