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Discover how to make incredible woven yarn mandalas in a mindful, meditative way. This is a practical book of instructions for woven mandalas, starting with very simple four sided mandalas through to more complex designs, with an emphasis on how they can be a tool to aid wellbeing.

Yarn mandalas, also known as ojo de dios, are a wonderful way to create bright and beautiful woven wall art in a mindful, meditative way. The use of pattern and colour can help to reduce stress and aid wellbeing at the same time as developing your creativity.

Author Inga Savage, explains how to start your mandala journey with a simple four sided version, as well as how to choose the right materials including dowels, yarn and other hardware.

There are step-by-step instructions for over 20 yarn mandalas, ranging from some very simple, basic versions up to more complicated 12 sided mandalas and all the techniques are accompanied with step-by-step instructions and photography. This skill-building approach to weaving mandalas helps you to develop your skills by practising the techniques on simple mandalas and building up to the more complex designs.

The instructions include step-by-step tutorials for all the key patterns used in yarn mandalas including the daggers design, the square design, and how to add embroidery, crystals and other elements into the mandalas as your skills develop.

The intricate layers and patterns of mandalas have been used to aid meditation and mindfulness for centuries and this collection explores how makers can tap into these benefits while creating beautiful woven mandala art by the practise of intention, colour therapy and visualisation during the making process. This collection explores these ideas in the form of a practical guide to making woven yarn mandalas in a meaningful way and even as a form of art therapy.

Inga highlights some 'Mindful Moments' throughout the book where she draws on her experience in order to encourage you to get the most from the creative process and to be present in the moment while you are working with the mandalas.

Inga Savage is a mandala designer and maker. She is part of the Asheville Mandala Weavers collective. Inga sells her work on Etsy and runs regular workshops where she teaches the techniques.

Format: Paperback
RRP: $46.99
Pages: 128

Book | Yarn Mandalas

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