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Weave with wire and fiber to produce metal fabric—an entirely new art material that can be used for jewelry, sculpture, basketry, and more.

Use a four- or eight-harness loom to weave an entirely new art material that you may never before have considered—metal!

By using a wire warp and fiber weft, intermediate- to advanced-level weavers can create a woven metal fabric that is strong, malleable, and sculptural.

Expert weaver Christine K. Miller has been weaving with wire for 30 years, and her online and in-person workshops are highly sought after. She's the only weaver teaching this amazing technique.

Learn about:
• the materials and supplies needed for this metal fiber technique
• planning your project
• preparing and beaming the warp
• and choosing the weft

Christine then takes readers step by step through a "Foundation Project," a basic woven wire fabric serving as the basis for creating their own metal fabric crafts.

Readers can be inspired by Christine's work and what she has made with woven wire—baskets, jewelry, sculptures, and more—with detailed information on how she made them. They can then re-create these pieces or use them as a foundation to craft their own metal fabric creations.

In addition, Christine includes a fascinating chapter on using the principles of art and design to let the reader's imagination soar when crafting with woven wire fabric.

Christine K. Miller is an expert weaver who has been weaving with wire for 30 years and has won many awards for the artwork she's created from her woven metal fabric. Her online and in-person workshops are the only classes teaching weaving with wire. She lives in Dallas.

• Learn a new weaving technique using a wire warp and fiber weft on a multiharness loom
• Use the strong, flexible, malleable fabric to craft jewelry, baskets, sculpture, wall art, and more
• Includes woven-wire creations from author and other weavers with information to re-create them or use as inspiration

250 colour images and illustrations

Format: Hardcover

RRP: $80.00
Pages: 192

Book | Weaving With Wire

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