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There has been a recent renaissance in our relationship and interaction with textiles in interior design. Playful Peg Loom Weaving breathes new life into an ancient traditional craft form with a choice of contemporary projects presented for a modern lifestyle.


Fibre artist Stephanie Fradette introduces you to weaving with the peg loom and sticks in this vibrant and fun guide. Her thoughtfully curated selection of fresh, trending woven projects embrace contemporary colour palettes, easily mastered techniques and high-quality materials to guarantee satisfying finished objects.


Whether you have a few hours in the evening, a day off or a whole weekend to dedicate to creativity, the guide conveniently groups textile creations by duration. So whatever your inspiration and available time, the intuitive step-by-step collection of projects ensures everyday crafters and seasoned makers alike can embrace the ease and versatility of weaving on a peg.


With plenty of techniques to discover, fibre alternatives and DIY resources, you can make it your own while experimenting with this meditative woven craft. Playful Peg Loom Weaving lets you play, have fun and relax, and in doing so, grow organically and creatively beyond the fleece. Whatever your inspiration or motivation, the new craft to master is Peg Loom Weaving.

The author, Stephanie Fradette is the fibre artist behind the brand \"Le Petit Moose\", a nod to her French-Canadian roots. The Scottish-based yarn enthusiast and designer-maker incorporates bold and contrasting colours throughout her woven collections, showcasing rich textures and contemporary design. She has been weaving since 2014, collaborated with Mollie Makes Magazine and enjoys delivering community-building creative workshops across the UK.

150 colour illustrations


RRP: $59.99
Format: Paperback
Pages: 120

Book | Playful Peg Loom Weaving

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